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The explanation why individuals have affairs is that they do not love their own lives or love themselves adequately. An alternative way to put that is that we crave something that we do not possess, thinking it will be the solution to the emptiness we sense inside and will provide the passion in our lives that we feel is not there Even though our strongest inner most craving is to give and receive love, we frequently dupe ourselves and go about the improper way of trying to attain this ideal.

Why Is My Partner Lying?

We are quite curious creatures with a eager tendency to go against, what is, and yearn for what is not. This is especially surprising because, more frequently than not, what is, can in reality be a beautiful miracle and extremely precious in itself but we have changed it around in our own heads to where we cannot  comprehend it, and then without adequate foresight, blindly jump right into chasing what we only thought as something that would gratify our desires. The ironic thing is there are very jagged rocks beneath those shallow waters!

Some individuals brush off the whole affair scenario as simply being a self-gratifying craving for pleasure, or a natural instinct, with a bit of greed thrown in, but none of these are the genuine driving forces behind what causes affairs. Having an affair, or getting a little on the side, or a one night stand or having a secret online chat mate, are all symptoms of much deeper problems that exist. Can we overcome these problems? The answer is YES, you bet we can!

If we can simply modify our way of seeing things!  Even though this is a relatively broad statement, I think it is critically crucial and paints the picture. The point is, we do not love ourselves adequately, and are discontented with our lives as they truly are. Then we start having affairs just to fill the void, and the ironic thing is the outcome can be enormously devastating! If we had only accepted the circumstances in our life and known the love that we were already surrounded by, we would never have had gone seeking to find love somewhere else in the first place. We already had it, it was already there, we simply did not see it! You see, it is all in perception, and our perception dictates our actions. Everything we have in our lives is a direct outcome of our thinking!

This is the unsympathetic key, you will achieve results according to which kinds of thoughts you think because your life experience is an effect, which is the outcome of your past thoughts. To alter the effect, you need to learn how to alter the cause. To alter the cause you need to shift the way you think. Did you follow that? Read it again a few times, and let it sink in.

9.9 times out of 10, when your partner is having an affair, they deceive you about it and try to act like everything is OK and nothing is going on. This happened to me over a two year period before I put all the pieces together. I had my compelling doubts in that time certainly, but I wanted her love in my life and denied that it could come to pass. What a waist of time and energy! Subsequently when things began to get worse and my worries became stronger, I looked into a private investigator and recognized that I did not have the thousands of dollars that it was going to take. If I did, I would have certainly bought right into it since I was desperate, and as I am certain you will concur, absolutely nothing is worth more than your peace of mind, particularly when it comes to your love life! I mean, what is there of more value?

Anyway, fortunately for me, as it so happened, even though I could not pay for a private investigator at the time, one of the methods I discovered at http://www.Infidelity-Concerns.Com brought everything out into the open and the cost was a mere pittance. I have also used other resources from that site which have plainly altered my life for the better by helping me to overcome the loathing and get my life back on track. In all honesty, I can truly say that things are way better now than they have ever been before in my life!

Onward and upward and they say,  Learn to celebrate your love!