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The Signs Of Cheating Partners

A cheating partner in a marriage or a relationship is a selfish destroyer who is blinded by egotistical pursuit in the name of self satisfaction. The lies that they tell themselves are trumped only by the lies that they tell their partners. Extramarital affairs have the effect of tormenting home life, which used to swim in an ocean of love. Cheaters playing the game are known for their surreptitious encounters with secret lovers and will oftentimes, continue the game until their marriage collapses, leaving them with painful memories they will live with for their entire lives and have given to others as well.

Even so, in some situations where cheating is being perpetrated by one of the spouses, it is often manageable and the consequences can be minimal. On the other hand, it is quite appalling to discover two cheaters living together under the same roof. Oftentimes when some women find out that their husbands are cheating on them, they go on a cheating spree themselves as a form of payback or as revenge to their husbands. This, of course, is never the best way to deal with the issue of cheating. If you want to learn the right thing to do visit for some eye opening concepts, and there are many.

Here are seven basic symptoms inherent in the lives of cheating partners.

1.    There is an apparent lack of trust and confidence in each other. Cheating partners usually hide a lot from each other, thereby living like suspicious enemies under the same roof.

2.    There is always the feeling of insecurity when both cheaters stay together especially in the house. Both swim in the ocean of  suspicion of each other.

3.    Incessant quarrels are bound to occur as both parties throw words at each other and call themselves revealing names, which point towards what they do in the secret.

4.    Both cheaters usually open new private email accounts. They also get new private phone lines which they use mainly at their work places. Sometimes when their secret lovers call while any of them is at home, he or she hides to answer the call even in the presence of the other spouse.

5.    In extreme cases, cheating spouse lose interest in the all important act of love making. Sexual intercourse goes off to a far distant priority. Both may even care less about it and live in defiance of each other.

6.    Eating in such a house becomes something done alone. No more the usual habit of eating and chatting together. Sometimes, the woman starves the cheating husband in order to teach him a lesson.

7.    Cheating spouses spend much time on the computer when their partners are asleep. They also have the habit of deleting implicating messages, call histories and other pieces of information that may point to the truth of their cheating.
These are just a very few symptoms caused by extramarital affairs and a cheating partner. In cases where only one partner is cheating, it is always somehow easier to deal with the situation but matters are made worse when both parties are playing the same game. However, there is still a way out when this is the case. All you need is genuine quest for knowledge on how to detect and affair and what to do once you have discovered it.

No doubt about it, we can be our own worst enemies and so the fact remains that we must learn to love ourselves and do what is in our own best interest to manage our lives properly. In the case of dealing with infidelity, although it is an extremely difficult situation to deal with, there ARE solutions and specific things you can do, which are definitely in your own best interest. You can discover many solutions and learn the appropriate actions to take by visiting


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