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When Love Takes You To Hades

Have you ever had the love in your life take a sordid and absolutely shocking turn? Are you feeling hurt, absolutely perplexed, disenchanted and enraged? If you are, I understand precisely how emotionally crippling and extremely stressful this is.

As soon as you discover your spouse is having an affair, and you find out that what you considered in your mind was a absolutely healthy relationship is a complete lie, your total belief system falls apart and comes smashing down on you like an ice cold avalanche. Not only does this break your heart, but when you wake up with this sort of a new reality it turns your life totally upside down. Nothing in the world seems to make the smallest amount amount of sense anymore after everything you held nearest and dearest in your heart has turned out to be a lie. Coming to terms with this truth and discovering what the genuine truth is, is a daunting task, particularly when you have lost your vision of reality and feel lifeless and numb. When love vanishes, what else is there?  Hell is the answer, and for a time that is just where you seem to be.

Ocean of Despair

When you intensely love and cherish your spouse, and they turn out to be a person you don’t understand, the distrust, the anger and the fear create a flood of conflicting feelings that invade your thoughts and your soul and leave you drowning in an ocean of despair gasping for air to live on. Relief from these distressed feelings seems nowhere in sight and like the furthest away thing achievable. One of the biggest struggles is to try to obtain some sense of sanity. What is the new reality?

When we finally wake up and deal with the reality that our love has turned out to be a falsehood, we find ourselves extremely perplexed, deeply depressed and sad by the loss of what we perceived was going to go on without end. Why do we suffer so severely and feel such extreme anguish, agony and loathing when a relationship is over? Why does it seem like we are in pitch black darkness in a room we have never been in before as we grapple for the doorway trying to find light, so we can see again?

Trying to Make Sense of it all.

Does the rejection you feel cause you question your own self worth? Does the concept of your partner engaging in sex with a different person feel like a dagger through your heart, and worse yet when you discover it has been occurring for years? Do you feel disgrace because of what everybody else will think and say? Is it because the other person destroyed a sacred vow you made with each other? Is it because the loss of security and comfort which you believed would last forever has now vanished? Are you frustrated by the years lost through deception and lies of our Lying spouse? Do you feel that love and joy have passed you by, never to be replaced? Do you feel like you have lost your purpose for living? Have you lost hope and does it scare you because life seems to have no principle?

The extreme variety of deep thoughts and the range of intense emotions you are confronted with when you discover that the one you love does not love you anymore are utterly devastating.

Unfortunately, I understand firsthand precisely how terrible this experience can be. Those of you reading this that are in a similar place understand everything I have explained and can judge by my accurate portrayal that I know precisely what I am talking about.

More to Come

With a subject as deep of this, you can not merely sum it up quickly and recover overnight. There are so many layers, so many variables, so many factors and so many critical issues to touch upon. I will continue to elaborate on these in forthcoming articles and I will provide healing helpful feelings on the subject matter.

Sharing my feelings with others to help create healing is my objective. I need to do this to discover healing not simply for myself, but I am compelled to provide help and insight to others as well. Perhaps there was a greater purpose in this experience for me because the ability to help other people brings new significance to my life which I find lovely and I trust you will to.


Sometimes, to get to Heaven you have to go through Hell. Start healing through discovery  at http://infidelity-concerns.Com and do not shut yourself down. You can grow through this and once you do, it is then that you will begin to live your life again, instead of life living you. You are not alone. Be resilient!

To find out much more information on this topic and to assist you with your discovery and recovery go to for further information or sign up for the free report on this blog.


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